Battery Storage

There is one main catch with running your household on solar energy. Solar panels require sunlight to create energy which poses a problem when its dark and cloudy and when we most need light and heat.

In recent years we have seen developments in solar battery storage which could smooth out the challenges with solar energy and provide a means to further reduce the cost and reliance on traditional and expensive energy sources.

An average household will also not use all of the energy created by their solar panels over the course of a day which means that the excess needs to be sold back to the grid. Solar battery storage works by taking the excess solar power created by the panels and using it to charge the battery during the day.

This battery can then supply energy to your home during the night and on cloudy days on the excess supply.

Solar power battery storage could be the answer to more solar powered homes in the near future and big savings on energy bills.

Battery Storage for Solar Panels

Most solar panel installation companies will be able to advise you on what size battery system you would need and whether your existing solar panels are compatible with the new storage products.

It is very important that you install a battery with the correct voltage capabilities. A wrong size battery can be very dangerous. It is recommended that you always seek professional help when choosing and installing a solar power storage system to advise you on what you need.

There are two main ways of linking a battery storage system into such a system, AC Coupled and DC Coupled.

If you are fitting a battery storage system to existing solar panels, you will probably be offered an AC-coupled system which are easier to retrofit. DC coupled systems are still possible to fit to existing panels but may require more equipment.

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