The Voltage Optimisation Problem

There is a direct correlation between your supplied voltages and billing and that it can be managed.

We should get 230v most of us get 242v and higher and as we put more renewables on the grid passing electricity both ways its getting higher all the time. A Voltage Optimiser itself does not save energy at all in fact it consumes power – it merely derives a reduction in circuit demand and it is entirely dependent on how the equipment in your circuits respond to the voltage being lowered dropping electrical pressure to slow leaks is a good if over simplified way to view it.

How to Solve Voltage Optimisation?

Savings of between 5-15% are commonly evidenced and proven post installation.

The Carbon Trust, ESTA and Defra have all implemented Voltage Optimisation as an energy efficiency measure in an attempt to light the way for the rest of industry.

A survey to reveal the savings potential is an informed estimate of how the equipment will respond to the voltage being lowered to a value that is closer to optimal design voltage for the majority of the loads in any one particular circuit.

What is key is the efficiency of the transformers being used to manage your voltages. Traditional wound power transformers typically consume far more power than highly efficient toroidal type transformers and unless your pulling between 60 and 80% of your capacity rating 24/7 a toroidal based solution will definitely be more suited to those with intermittent power use.

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