The Surefire Boiler Control is expertly designed to monitor boiler temperature so energy usage is reduced by up to 25% with just this one simple installation.

What’s wrong with my regular boiler?

Most boilers aren’t ‘intelligent’ and are managed on a time rather than temperature basis. As such, these boilers often fire up their heating mechanism unnecessarily, reheating water that is sufficiently hot and causing excess heat to escape up the boiler flue. This process is called ‘dry-cycling’, and is one of the main reasons why most boilers are extremely inefficient in their energy usage and will cause customers to receive higher energy bills than they should.

Most conventional boiler systems are designed to work most efficiently when there is an 11°C difference between the water temperatures in the flow and return pipes. Depending on the make of boiler, this means water leaves your boiler at 66°C and returns at 55°C, or leaves at 64°C and returns at 53°C. Unfortunately, the water temperature settings of these boilers are usually fixed, and set to accommodate for the coldest expected external temperatures, causing you to waste energy and money in the warmer summer months due to exacerbated dry-cycling.

"Increases boiler efficiency and decreases heating bills"
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Why use Surefire control?

The ‘smart’ Surefire system is wired between the time clock and the room thermostat, taking control over the management of your boiler. Combining the power of its extremely accurate sensors on both the flow and return water pipes and its high performance microprocessor. Surefire Boiler Control monitors the temperature of both pipes in real time and automatically adjusts the boiler’s temperature threshold settings and firing cycle to ensure your boiler is running to its maximum energy efficiency.

Surefire Boiler Control also combats all the problems of standard boiler temperature control technology, as identified in several Building Research Establishment reports, through its exclusive boiler monitor software; without any user input. The Surefire Boiler Control will always keep your home warm and will be saving you money every second of the day.

Though anti-cycling technology is now quite commonplace in the commercial boiler market, the Surefire Boiler Control is one of the first boiler management systems to make this technology affordable to domestic customers.


TO 25%

with just one simple installation, adopting the anti-cycling technology of large commercial boilers for the domestic market.

What are the benefits of a Surefire Boiler Control?


The Boiler Manager works by controlling the boiler firing cycle.

What is the Boiler Firing cycle?

When the central heating system is started from cold then whilst the system is warming up the boiler is firing continuously. During this period the full heating capacity of the system is required. This is the “Boost Phase”. Figure 1 shows the Boiler Firing Cycle for a normal system without the Boiler Manager in control. Once the system has reached the boiler thermostat setting then it begins to cycle.

What does the Boiler thermostat do?

The boiler thermostat determines the temperature of water flowing from the boiler. Once the setting is achieved the boiler enters the firing cycle. This cycle is of short duration typically less than 5 minutes. Most boiler thermostats are mechanical devices closing the gas valve when vapour in a bulb expands pushing a piston in cylinder against a spring. Different settings are achieved by adjusting the spring pressure. Their most important purpose in as a safety feature. That is to say the maximum setting of about 85ºC prevents overheating. The control at the lower end of the adjustment is not precisely calibrated.

Why do we measure the return temperature?

The temperature of the water returning to the boiler indicates the heating demand of the system. Typically a central heating system is designed to cater for the coldest of days. Water is heated by the boiler to the flow temperature and returns at a lower temperature after transferring heat via the room heaters or radiators. In a typical system, the boiler is designed to operate efficiently at a difference of 11ºC between flow and return temperatures.

Savings and Earnings (3 Bedroom House example)

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It is not efficient to cycle the boiler quickly.

Larger boilers are fitted with Cycle Saving controllers. This is a method of extending the boiler duty cycle over a longer time period. Because this results in better boiler efficiency the proportion of ON time to OFF time is less.

Introducing the Boiler Manager

The Boiler Manager extends all the benefit of Cycle Saving to domestic systems in a low cost instrument. The Boiler Manager is powered via the boiler timer (if fitted). The software in the microprocessor adapts to the actual operating cycle of the boiler and modifies the firing cycle to optimise the energy efficency of the system. Figure 4 illustrates how the Boiler Manager changes the boiler firing cycle. Notice how each time the boiler fires the Flow-Return temperature difference rises to 10ºC not far short of the initial value on coldstart. The central heating system continues to warm the house whilst the radiators are slowly cooling down. After a delay the boiler fires again warming circulating flow water. In Economy mode the Boiler Manager achieves an energy saving by reducing the Flow temperature setting. A further energy saving is achieved by delaying the firing cycle. Once the Economy/Firing cycle is established it delays the firing sequence by a variable amount.

Boost Mode

From cold the Boiler Manager starts in BOOST mode. In this mode the Setting is used to operate a simple threshold on the Flow temperature with a 3ºC hysteresis but no additional delays. When the Flow temperature reaches the Boiler Manager setting the unit starts to measure the firing ratio (duty cycle). On cold-start the unit stays in the BOOST cycle for up to 15 minutes or until the Return temperature is within 8ºC of the Flow temperature when the upper threshold is reached.



Surefire Boiler Control prevents hot water being reheated unnecessarily without any loss to comfort.


All Surefire products are designed and are built to last with a life expectancy of 25 years. Giving total peace of mind and ensuring the maximum return of your investment.


  • ISO – 9001:2008
  • ROHS (Registration of use of certain Hazardous Substances)
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